About Mark

Mark Quinn is a Film and TV script writer. He cut his teeth as a writer with the historical biography, The King of Spring: The Life and Times of Peter O’Connor, published by The Liffey Press in 2004.


Script Writing

Mark set up Story Rory in 2016 as a joint script writing venture with writer Padraic O’Beirn. Together they have written the first series of ‘Walsh’ a six part period detective TV series centered around the enigmatic character of Detective Thomas Walsh, set after the civil war in 1930’s Galway.

They also have completed a pilot and complete Series 1 outline for ‘The Ouzel’ – a swashbuckling adventure set on the highs seas that sees the crew of The Ouzel – an actual ship that left Dublin in 1695 – returning five years later filled to the gunnels with pirate treasure.

Music Video Producer

In 2019 Mark produced a music video for Donna Anita’s single ‘Chrysalis’ from her debut album ‘LORE’. Donna Anita Nikolaisen is an Irish Theatre, TV and Film actor. To find out more about ‘LORE’ and stream / download songs click donnaanita.com

Theatre Producer

True Voice Theatre
Mark is currently a producer for the theatre group ‘True Voice Theatre‘. Following an invitation from the Red Line Book Festival in 2016, Mark produced the Chekhov plays ‘The Bear’ and ‘The Proposal’ in conjunction with True Voice.


Mark is the author of ‘The King of Spring – The Life and Times of Peter O’Connor’ . It was published by The Liffey Press in 2004. It is deep and evocative story about the trials and triumphs of the courageous and controversial Irish Olympian Peter O’Connor.

PhD and Academic Work

Mark was awarded a PhD from UCD in 2010 from the School of English, Film and Drama. His research uncovered an alternate approach, at the level of story, to Thomas Pynchon’s encyclopedic novel Gravity’s Rainbow. Mark hopes to publish his findings in 2021. Mark was given the opportunity to work as a tutor and junior lecturer in UCD whilst completing his PhD.

Click on the link below for Mark’s close reading of the iconic episode from Gravity’s Rainbow that inspired Renton’s surreal scatological plunge in the movie Trainspotting:  Seeing the Wood for the Tree


See a clip of Mark discussing his 2004 biography ‘The King of Spring’ on RTE’s ‘Secret Sites’.


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