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Mark Quinn

Mark in ParisMark Quinn is a Film and TV script writer.  He cut his teeth as a writer with the historical biography, The King of Spring: The Life and Times of Peter O’Connor, published by The Liffey Press in 2004.

Mark taught in the School of English, Drama and Film for several years while completing his PhD on Thomas Pynchon’s playful postmodern classic Gravity’s Rainbow.   Unraveling Pynchon’s labyrinthine novel with its cast of hundreds and multiple overlapping storylines was Mark’s apprenticeship in Story.

Click on the link below for Mark’s close reading of the iconic episode from Gravity’s Rainbow that inspired Renton’s surreal scatological plunge in the movie Trainspotting:  Seeing the Wood for the Trees


See a clip of Mark discussing his 2004 biography ‘The King of Spring’ on RTE’s ‘Secret Sites’.

Padraic O’Beirn


Padraic O’Beirn is a Film and TV Script writer and lyricist.
He has collaborated with numerous artists at home and abroad.
Read one of Padraic’s published short stories: The Turfcutter’s Medicine

Below is one of Padraic’s recent collaborations taken from DFF’s album ‘Pouric Songs’. The video footage is taken from Greg Hanec’s ‘Downtime’ and features Padraic in one of the leading roles.

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